Laura Fairhurst

Laura Fairhurst




“Fashion is an antidote to reality” (Viktor & Rolf)

A BA(hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to secure fashion styling role. University studies have heightened an array of transferrable skills across a range of fashion sectors, with the opportunity of application to any future employment opportunity. Creative based modules have witnessed an artistic aptitude thrive, alongside internship experiences of social media, marketing, influencer outreach and in-house styling.

An exploration of how luxury fashion brands have adapted to accommodate the technological advancements in the luxury retail sector to engage Generation Z, alongside identifying the contributing factors of the current “unpredictable luxury landscape” (Saunter, 2017).
A combination of the experience economy and drive for digitalisation to be incorporated into retail environments has determined the departure of a traditional retail mind-set, as there has been a substantial adaptation in consumer desires. In order for brands to succeed within the fiercely competitive luxury retail sector, there is an importance to dismiss previous marketing and sales techniques in order to capture the attention of the new luxury market. This market being estimated to count for 40% of the luxury goods market by 2025 (Appearhere, 2018), and are commonly titled ‘Digital Natives’.

Final Major Project
With the collaborative assistance of graphic designers, mass market directors and employees, social media influencers, and a fashion design student the futuristic concept ‘Escapade’ was intricately constructed.

Escapade is an experimental exploration of the Mistress Rocks consumer, executed through a social media competition to become the future faces of the SS20 campaign. Five like-minded individuals will be selected to experience a utopian escape in the chosen idyllic and secluded destination of the Maldives, with the primary purpose of collating authentic content, however the concept is additionally focused upon the promotion of healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and a digital detox. The concept juxtaposes the ongoing brand desire to collaborate with individuals with substantial follower counts, and alternatively places the consumer as the influencer. The implementation of competition marketing will heighten social media platform following, alongside the enhancement of brand recognition within an era of brand durability, Barrett (2018) stating that “getting customers to see how your brand differentiates itself is a survival imperative”.

Whilst completing University studies, an effectual social media handle @lauluxe was created to collate inspirational imagery. The platforms hosting the imagery are: Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, alongside the benefit of assisting creative modules.