Laura Elizabeth Wonnacott

Laura Elizabeth Wonnacott

Laura Elizabeth Wonnacott

COURSE: Textiles 2019

Pathway: Retail Management


Laura Elizabeth

“Intelligence is composed mostly of imagination, insight, things that have nothing to do with reason.” - Vivienne Westwood

Some of the best decisions are done quickly and aren’t overthought. These elements also come with experience and an insight which can only be gained from dedication to the industry.

In the past I have gained many valuable experiences within the Retail industry, through which I have confirmed to myself my career passion lies. Having been a partner at John Lewis for two and a half years I experienced how to sell a product efficiently through vocal communication; on top of learning the typical types of demographics and what sells well to them. In my time there I also gained extra experiences through the home design team and the Visual merchandising department where I learnt many transferable skills for the industry and business in general.
As my drive for understanding the retail industry pushed me further I ventured into the buying sector where I found out having skills in Excel and on outlook emails was essential as well as extremely good time management.
I am self-motivated and efficient, qualities I believe to be key when working in a challenging environment such as retail. I am decisive, an excellent written and vocal communicator as well as innovative and good working with a team. All the above I consider to be pivotal for me to be successful in my future adventures.
Laura Elizabeth Wonnacott