Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Portfolio


"Traditional activism is over."
Revolve. A brand which sets out to empower and inspire individuals to express their views and opinions freely, and raise awareness to the issues which our world faces.
With curiosity towards the influential culture in society, in depth research for a dissertation module was undertaken to explore into the term 'Influencers' and how that affects consumer behaviour, particularly Generation Z consumers. This led the direction of the Final Major Project which assessed the idea of the Generation Z consumer as the influencer.

Thorough exploration into the characteristics of Generation Z and their wants and needs as consumers revealed that members of Generation Z desperately want their views and opinions to be heard by the world. Primary and secondary research unveiled that environmental and global issues were the most prominent topics they showed concern for. Through exploring the characteristics of Generation Z and their wants and needs as consumers I began to understand and recognise that as a generation they lack a voice and desperately want to have their views and opinions to be heard. Through consumer research both primary and secondary I found that they also show concern regarding environmental and global issues and want to be able to have a say regarding these problems.

This led to the development of Revolve; an annual print publication which also comes in the form of a digital platform and app. The UK magazine market still proving to be successful, with a report from Mintel expressing that 68% of consumers stating they prefer to read news in print format, Revolve wanted to be able to offer consumers both printed and digital formats, with the online platform offering all that the magazine has to provide as well as the live chat service.

The annual magazine will feature articles covering key topics from the year, Interviews with activists, and will detail on ethical and sustainable fashion brands. The online platform will also feature the above, with the added service of the live chat enabling consumers to express their opinions freely.

An initial interest in marketing led me to exploring influencers for my Dissertation, which led to further research and development through the Final Major project. With Influencers and global issues being a key trend within this sector it led to the manifestation of the brand Revolve.

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