Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Wanderluxe


Breaking down barriers, creating transparency, empowering consumers.
Wanderluxe is about giving people the power to make informed decisions over their purchases, giving them information that can be time consuming and difficult to collect. Just because you can afford luxury you don't get to shop around? Everyone deserves to get back what they're owed and only have to pay what they need to. Keeping luxury simple, effortless and luxurious in its definition.

Inspiration for Wanderluxe came directly from work completed over the course of this degree and from working in luxury retail roles. Dissertation allowed for a lot of in depth primary research which really highlighted the issues facing luxury consumers. In addition past modules such as digital marketing, branding, merchandising and trends inspired creativity and allowed for freedom of thought and discovery into what was missing from this particular sector.

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