Lama Bawab

Lama Bawab

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Garment Technology 2020


Garment Technology Graduate

In Collaboration with George

I'm a graduate student. In the final project I collaborated with George.
I Lama Bawab is a very ambitious, passionate person about being a garment technology student.
I have development many skills and experienced many situations.
Skills that I have development are pattern cutting, Gerber, grading, design development and size charts and many more.
In the final at university closing my degree. The final module was required that I collaborate with a brand company.
So, the brand that caught my eye was George.
I decided to collaborate with George as I enjoyed doing my research
about the company and looking at their size charts but also,
I enjoyed the idea of creating a garment that needs to be to a specific size and style.