Kyriacos Kallis-Panesar

Kyriacos Kallis-Panesar

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



“I’ve seen on dating apps “No femes” “straight acting only” it’s like a lot of gays have some sort of fear of effeminate gay men” - Nigel Campbell

Femme Is giving you a Voice

I am a BA Honours Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University, aspiring to secure a role within Marketing and PR. In my third and final year at university during Dissertation and FMP my work had clear focus on the Luxury Sector and hoe different factors and communities can influence this sector.

Final Major Project (FEMME App mockup video on the left) :
Following my Dissertation where I looked into how “drag culture has influenced the luxury sector” from there in FMP I created a theoretical Augmented reality luxury magazine. Femme Is a semi-annual A5 augmented reality magazine created for the LGBTQ+ Millennial to highlight pressing issues within the U.K. LGBT community with helpful advice, guidance, articles and interviews. Femme allows users to digitally engage with the magazine through augmented reality by using their smartphone to scan over imagery in the magazine which will bring the magazine to life showing video interviews from LGBTQ+ members as well unlock exclusive invites to events, shows and concerts around the UK.Femme aims to remove stigma and discrimination against feminine acting LGBTQ+ members by celebrating feminism within the LGBTQ+ community. With the constant need for validation in the LGBTQ community from social media and dating apps it’s been deemed difficult for “Femme-acting” LGBT people to accept themselves as well as being accepted in their own community. A business plan supported by a research document was created to support how the concept would work.

Dissertation (Dissertation and FMP Marketing Mockups Right) :
AN INVESTIGATION INTO DRAG CULTURE IN THE 2010S AND ITS IMPACT ON THE LUXURY FASHION SECTOR. ; Drag culture is now known to be seen as gender-bending art form that has taken over the fashion world. The purpose of this Dissertation was to explore how drag culture is being used within marketing campaigns throughout the luxury the fashion sector and why more and more luxury brands are casting trans models, drag queens and multiple members of the LGBTQ+ community in their campaigns, adds and runways shows. From evaluating my findings it was evident that the line between femininity and masculinity in the luxury fashion sector is being more and more blurred it was clear that this needed to be seen and celebrated in todays LGBTQ+ community.