Kylie Hill

Kylie Hill

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Influencer Institution: Regulating the influencer market

The Influencer Institution is a digital platform consisting of a mobile app, targeted at 16-25-year olds. Influencer Institution sets to regulate the influencer market through introducing an education and verification system in conjunction with the Government.

Graduating with a BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion degree, I have acquired a diverse range of knowledge and skills including Marketing and PR, Events Management and Trends Forecasting. Wanting to pursue a career within PR and social media, with a developed interest in Influencer Marketing. Dedicating my final year to researching and analysing the influencer market ready for industry.

My major project, titled ‘Influencer Marketing: could influencer fraud be detrimental to the future of social media advertising?’ explored the rise of social media influencers and determine if the current issues will affect the future of the industry. It discussed the issues of influencer fraud and the lack of transparency between both influencers, brands and consumers.

Research identified that consumers are ultimately pushing the growth of the industry, but if brands and influencers do not react to consumer attitudes it could potentially harm future growth. The main topic of the research was the consumers demand for authenticity and a successful relationship is built when the influencer shares the same values and interests as the brand. Future recommendations of the dissertation suggested a data and human approach towards choosing influencers and for action to be taking by the government, which then led me to create the Influencer Institution.

An education system that ensures influencers are learning and abiding to the same guidelines, setting the tone for the influencer market. This will help to rebuild the trust between the influencers and consumers, something that both brands and consumers long for.

Key features include:
• A mobile application that teaches influencers key topics such as advertising regulations and social media guidelines.
• Upon competition of the education modules, Influencers will receive a verification status which will become the only UK (government recognised) verification for Influencers.
• Brands will have access to a database of verified influencers along with features to view campaigns they have worked on, analytics and a chat feature.