Ksenia Popova

Ksenia Popova

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Garment Technology 2017

TITLE: Worcester Bosch collaboration


As my Final Major Project I was challenged to redesign a uniform for Worcester Bosch.
"The uniform should boost the performance of employees and the image of the company." Worcester Bosch Management
Worcester Bosch is a leading retailer of boilers in the UK and a part of worldwide Bosch group. It employs more than 400 people and has a large chain of retailers.
The uniform had to represent the company, communicate to the customer and look appealing on a shop floor. It also had to provide a comfortable work-to-leisure clothing for workers. Technical requirements included safety, durability and relatively small cost.

Final designs were translated into technical drawings, then manual and digital patterns. After toiles were fitted, patterns were graded to a specified size range, medium and large size toiles were produced. I have also produced tech packs, costings and liaised with wholesale suppliers.

Ksenia Popova
Ksenia Popova

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