Kolbra Sveinbjornsson

Kolbra Sveinbjornsson

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: Those songs I know


The connections we make are what are most important in life
We hold memories of people to remember them by, thinking of words they have said, places they have been and people they knew.
My project was a chance for me to learn about my Icelandic grandfather, a way for me to connect to a man many people knew but I never had a chance to meet, and a way for me to connect better with my heritage. The values he held connected so well with the values of Ásatru, he was accepting, respected nature and valued kinship. This collection focuses on those connections and especially his connection with nature, using many authentic Icelandic materials and focusing on natural colours and textures from Icelandic nature

To not know him yet know that so many did brings up a sadness and a loss, yet also a happiness that many others met him and learned from him. Though I did not know him, I knew his words, I knew his songs and I knew his life.

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