Kirsty Maguire

Kirsty Maguire

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Design for Performance 2016

TITLE: All the secrets of the universe

The costumes had to serve the choreography
Brand: Kirsty Marie Design
A ballroom and latin dance collaboration, creating costumes for a new dance partnership.
The costumes have been designed and made for the couples first dance competition in May 2016.

The project has been influenced by the idea of positive thinking. Inspired by the book ‘The secret’, which explains how the universe delivers dreams to those that believe. Looking at cosmic energy and star explosions that send energy to those that attract it. With the costumes being made from a positive source it was believed that the outfits would provide the dancers with belief that they could achieve their goals.

The four costumes are being used to open the first collection for a new dance wear brand named, Kirsty Marie Design.

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