Kirsty Bayliss

Kirsty Bayliss

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Kirsty Bayliss Portfolio

The Nest - A Wellness Communal Office

"10.4m working days are lost due to stress in the UK, averaging around 10% of your working year" -

I am a recent graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons), from Birmingham City University. I have a strong interest in the business of fashion, wanting to pursue a career in visual merchandising. Throughout my three years at University I have developed skills in a variety of roles, such as: Visual Merchandising, Trends Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, Marketing and PR.
The Nest was designed by me for my final major project and has been showcased here on my portfolio.

The Nest was designed in order to re-inspire the next generation's work force and to reduce stress leave from work, which currently costs businesses between £33 billion and £42 billion.
An extensive argument for The Nest was developed in the dissertation research; "An Investigation Into Wellness in a Business Environment - Can a Cultural Shift Effect Self-Employment?" This provided an insight into the clear need for a change in the business sector, to reduce the cost to the business, but also to increase productivity in employees.

Following the conclusions and appropriate recommendations made from the dissertation research, these were all refined and developed into a clear solution.
The Nest.
A communal office, open 24/7 that businesses can purchase a membership for their staff to use - targeting small to medium businesses that cannot afford to expand their office space or who want to invest in the wellness of their employees. Employees can work around their own schedule as well as benefiting from many wellness and business focused bonuses; such as: an in-house creche or computer skills courses.

“Flexible working doesn’t mean working less or slacking off, it means finding hours that suit your life and how you best work. If that happens to be sitting below strip lighting, so be it. But if you’re most productive working from bed/a park/the local library, employers should have the imagination to allow that to happen.” - Farquharson, 2017

Video 1 - Page turner of business report for The Nest
Video 2 - App for members of The Nest
Video 3 - The Nest's website