Kirstie Johnson

Kirstie Johnson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



“At this stage, e-commerce is only tapping into the logical part of our brains. I believe we are missing out on the other social and emotional factors which people are really looking for in order to connect with a brand.” - Alex Hawkins

Time To Engage As A Community

You Review -a subscription App with ecommerce functions, in collaboration with high street retailer ‘Topshop. It is an app that targets effective communication with the users via engagement through reviews of products. You Review was created to challenge and shift the way Millennial consumers shop and engage. Stepping away from social influencers by creating an authentic and genuine app, which encourages users to review products whilst interacting with other members of the app. Benefits will also include having access to exclusive products and discount codes.
Recent research supports the You Review vision of stepping away from the continuous use of social media influencers; consumers are entering a new era of interaction which will alter elements of branding and shopping experiences. This is heavily influenced by the power of human imagination and new technology advancing the experience and a new way of engaging with products and brands (Hawkins 2019). This outlines a gap in the market for You Review which demonstrates a focus of building a community with the users.

You Review is targeting women of the ages 25 to 35 who can be categorised as Millennials, this demographic is digitally inclined and are projected to overtake the spending power of Generation X by 2020 (Tilford 2018). The vast majority of Millennial's are at a phase of moving into more secure careers and prime earning times (Costin May 2019). Valuing social responsibility and friendliness, You Review provides the opportunity to change the way Millennial's experience retail in a positive unfiltered way. Combined with the originality within You Review, it can provoke a shift in the way society currently shop and engage to promote a genuine community feel.

The final outcomes for You Review included, app mocks ups, a business plan that details marketing materials with an annotated timeline of the business’s strategy.