COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020




“Fashion is evolving, like everything else in society. It is progressing towards the deconstruction of traditional barriers that transcend gender and emancipate fluidity.”


To investigate what needs to change in the contemporary UK fashion market in order to cater for the whole gender spectrum. Interviews conducted with non-binary generation Z’s and critical analysis of genderless, unisex and gender fluid fashion collections, revealed the lack of marketing aimed toward genderless consumers, the harmfulness of gender segregated stores and fashion shows as well as the rarity of non-cisgender employees in the industry.


Rebel Rebel is a genderless trends platform to inspire fashion and beauty brands to cater for genderless consumers. Inspired by key drivers such as consumers who don’t want brands telling them what they should wear based on their gender identity and the cultural shift of gender roles and elimination of stereotypes. Rebel Rebel also gives non-binary people and friends, family and other allies of non-binary people a place to feel supported and connected.

The Rebel Rebel website is composed of non-binary trends, tribes, reports, news, consumer opinions & blogs. One of the project outcomes is the brand manifesto that portrays the need to treat everyone within the fashion and beauty industries equally no matter their gender identity or expression. Each part of the manifesto corresponds to an element of the platform. The blog aims to give voices to the non-binary community. Genderless brand case studies aim to teach brands to remove stereotypes because it is important for the minority group to feel included. Non-binary news and reports aim to encourage equality and redefine ‘normal’.

I collaborated with graphic designers to create a distinctive image that represents the fluidity of the concept and the importance of the brand message. Website and app mock-ups were created as well as a style guide, brand manifesto, launch edition newsletter and business plan with 12 month marketing plans for each consumer. This project inspired me to desire a career in digital marketing or branding in the fashion sector and to continue working to help social issues such as gender inequality.