Kerry Stevenson

Kerry Stevenson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Career path in Graphic Design

BA (Hons) graduate at Birmingham City University, with a desire to work in online retail as a Graphic Designer. My final year projects focused on my desired career path.

MAJOR PROJECT: I began with a dissertation which explored the user experience (UX), particularly navigation, within fast fashion e-commerce and the engagement with Generation Z. The result of this was the importance of engaging Gen Z early in order to generate customer loyalty, by keeping updated and adapting to new technology within e-commerce stores.

INDEPENDENT FINAL PROJECT: The Major project led me to then explore unique technology and tools used within other sectors, to develop an original concept for my business plan. Eye tracking technology is used within the transport sector to prevent collisions in real-time. An example is Seeing Machines, who also send alerts to the employee’s company to create awareness of drink driving, or other factors such as fatigue. This encouraged me to apply this concept to fast fashion e-commerce, where consumers would use eye tracking whilst mobile shopping with access to their cameras, to alter their user experience into a tailored one. Using Artificial Intelligence to translate the data received from the users pupil dilation, consumers would then be able to see recommendations based on their reactions, but also see removed items based on dislikes. This concept, I called Ogle, a plugin for fast fashion e-commerce stores.

The concept was communicated into an app, which I produced using Adobe XD and using other Adobe Software such as Adobe After Affects to create marketing materials to encourage users to download Ogle and use eye tracking on their favourite brands.

My passion for graphic design creations has led to freelance work for start-up businesses, allowing me to build a portfolio with a variety of work, showcasing my abilities to adapt to different consumer design requirements. Sharing my ability to design through social media and University work, I have received achievements such as “The Most Creative Student” award and the opportunity to design a logo for the Fashion Future Sh:ift Conference 2020.