Kelly Facey

Kelly Facey

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design for Performance 2017

TITLE: Portraiture Collection- The Suzanne Neville Collaboration


"We love your designs! They are all stunning and you have really captured Suzanne's design signature and incorporated trends simultaneously".
Amy Whitehouse, Head of Visual Marketing- Suzanne Neville
Kelly is a 22 year old designer from Lincoln with a passion for fantasy bridal and costume design.

Kelly Collaborated with leading British Bridal wear designer for her FMP, to create a capsule collection to add onto the designers existing 25th Anniversary 'Portraiture' collection. Kelly designed a capsule collection of six dresses, inspired by; the existing collection, Portraiture artists- including Monet, and the classic architecture within Rome. Of the six dresses she produced two of them.

Kelly completed an industry year with Benjamin Robert's Bridal where she fulfilled many roles within the company including; alterations and QC seamstress, marketing assistant- helping with photoshoot styling and dressing as well as the launch of a new website, customer service, accounts assistant- helping to process orders and chase payments, and finally a sales representative for three Bridal trade shows.
Kelly has six years of retail experience, during which time she has become a Top level sales assistant, and experienced roles as a Supervisor, Visual merchandiser, and admin assistant.

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