Kelly Facey

Kelly Facey

COURSE: DESTINATIONS 2017 Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design for Performance 2017

TITLE: Orlando Project


"If the sight of my ankles means death to an honest fellow, I must in all humanity keep them covered"
Quote from Orlando, Virginia Woolf
Kelly is a 22 year old designer from Lincoln with a passion for fantasy bridal and costume design.

The Orlando Project was inspired by the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf. The project brief was to design a costume for a character in the book, designed using themes/ text/ imagery inspired by the book. The costume Kelly created was for the character Sasha; a Russian Princess in the book who toyed with the main character Orlando and ultimately broke his heart.

The costume itself was inspired by the frost fairs featured within the book, when the Thames froze over and became a carnival on ice for the city of London. The piece was also inspired by the symbollisim in the changes throughout the book, and the Baroque interiors heavily depicted in the book.

Kelly completed an industry year with Benjamin Robert's Bridal where she fulfilled many roles within the company including; alterations and QC seamstress, marketing assistant- helping with photoshoot styling and dressing as well as the launch of a new website, customer service, accounts assistant- helping to process orders and chase payments, and finally a sales representative for three Bridal trade shows.
Kelly has six years of retail experience, during which time she has become a Top level sales assistant, and experienced roles as a Supervisor, Visual merchandiser, and admin assistant.

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