Keira Snelus

Keira Snelus

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


CareFull - A self-care magazine

"Diversity alone is not enough. If diversity is being invited to the dance party, I push us to say inclusion is being invited to dance when you're at the party." - Damien Hooper-Campbell

During my time on the Fashion, Business and Promotion course I focused much of my work on diversity, representation and inclusion within the fashion industry. I have found this subject to be monumental for not only the marketing and PR sector but for the overall sucess of fashion brands. When deciding the focus of my dissertation and final major project there was no doubt this was the direction I wanted to go with my work.

Final Major Project
As shown above my final Major Project was the creation of CareFull magazine. The magazine is a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine with a self-care focus. The magazine aimed to fill a gap in the market currently being missed by mainstream fashion magazines.
Part of the Self-care aspect involved embracing inclusion throughout the magazine, this included imagery, advertisment and content. It was important to me that I created a platform that welcomed all women and did not cause anyone to feel excluded.

My dissertation focused on the difference between diveristy and inclusion and what this meant for the fashion industry. My work explored the impacts of brands who embraced inclusion compared with thoes who simply promoted diversity. My findings were clear that in order for brands to be successful in the future they will need to embrace inclusion rather than just diversity.

Moving into my career
As my time at Birmingham City University comes to an end I look forward to persueing a career in fashion PR.
The fashion industry influences more than just people's clothing choices, it has the power to influence people's behaviour and set standards across popular culture and multiple industries, because of this I look forward to working for a brand that recognises their impact and strives to better themselves.