Kazi Shakila Begum

Kazi Shakila Begum
Kazi Shakila Begum

Kazi Shakila Begum

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


la singularité

The initial starting point began with artist Alexandra Levasseur and the significance behind her artwork. She’s inspired by the science of string theory, about the possibility of there being many alternate dimensions that are each unique, and overlap each other so complexly. This is so she can decipher the deep relationship induviduals can have with the universe, and the art of finding ones indentity and purpose through the natural sourroundings. She portrays this through eclectic lines, loops and layers, as well as through visuals of disorientated melting bodies that seem to be melting into the universe, to signify the connection between the universe and humankind.

I also looked at artist Paul Klee who uses cubism to articulate alternate realities. I took inspiration from his colour palette and the harsh lines amidst the softer ones in his shapes. This was part of the influence for my silhouettes in my collection by transforming a typical tailored coat/blazer silhouette by softening with it with drape and disorientating the body shape.