Kayleigh McKenzie

Kayleigh McKenzie


Pathway: Design for Performance 2019


Greenhouse Extinction

My FMP started with me creating my own brand. The concept for my brand started with a speech from Greta Thunberg a 16-year-old climate change activist. I found her speech very powerful and decided I wanted to know more and how I could be a part of helping climate change. This led to the decision of making my brand sustainable, aimed for millennials who want a custom fitted garment for a unique event. This project has allowed me to collaborate with other professionals to help me develop my brand and ideas. To bring an art to my work, a willow artist - Jo Sadler, Graphic designer - Scott Hingley, photographer - Connor Gordon. My first concept for this brand started with Greta but led to the Icy landscapes. I found that ice is melting quickly, which can only lead to disaster for all habitats and living organism. Without our icy lands, sea levels will rise, food chain foundation will die! From this research I have explored creative pattern cutting and used a specific way of cutting which can create structure. I have really pushed my design and making skills and learnt a lot of skills which I will be able to take forward with me.