Katie Sill

Katie Sill

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Insider By Drapers

Driven by rapidly changing consumer behaviour and a growing market for on-demand trends, retailers in the UK are having to embrace this concept of technology and use it to aid this demand.
Insider by Drapers is an innovation that has stemmed from a particular interest within the Fashion Buying industry. Initial ideation behind this concept came from compiling a dissertation titled ‘To what extent have technological advances changed the womenswear fashion buying industry?’. The findings that came about through conducting research for the study, found that in today’s fashion society, it is more important now, than ever to have a technological aid when buying fashion, whether this a service or plainly computer software.

Insider By Drapers is an app which collaborates with Drapers, to offer a service to the independent retailer and boutique industry that caters for a gap in the market that requires a service that is affordable yet reliable while offering all the right information. Insider provides the user with the relevant information needed to buy for their specific sectors at competitive pricing in the form of three packages; bronze, silver and gold, which are all dependent upon the level of information desired by the user. Drapers was chosen as a suitable collaboration due to its already well established status within the fashion independent industry. Insider offers information such as a Social Monitor, Trend Dashboard and an Events feature, plus many more elements.

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