Katie Newsome

Katie Newsome

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Independent Final Project - Norm

Breaking the fashion norm one day at a time.

Throughout my three years at university, it has become clear that I would like to pursue a career within the buying industry. Having completed a Buying and Merchandising module, which showcased my ability to successfully learn industry skills such as competitive shops, critical paths and developing CADs, my passion for that particular job became clear.

For the Independent Final Project, a concept in the form of ‘Norm’ was created with the aim of making a difference. Norm is an online platform designed around the genderless shopping experience, with its main purpose being to stock and support authentically genderfluid clothing brands. It is also home to genderless styling pages and a blog written to meet the needs of the genderfluid community. Norm’s main aim is to create a unique shopping experience focused on the needs of individuals identifying outside of the gender binary which has been met through a website designed without gender categories. Some of the brands included on Norm’s website include Riley Studio, Weekday and ASOS’ Unisex Collusion range which suit the target consumer of Generation Z and Millennials.
This particular project allowed an understanding to be developed surrounding the needs of a specific consumer, forming a link between consumer needs and product. Additionally, more awareness was formed about the research process involved in selecting a new brand to stock that embodies the values of a retailer. Norm has created a focus on the brand package - how the product, marketing and even language are built to cater for the consumer.

The Independent Final Project followed on from the Major Project looking into ‘The influence of Generation Z and how high street retailers are adapting’. This project studied the needs and values of Generation Z, taking into consideration the various tribes associated with them. Generation Z was then investigated in terms of their relationship with retailers including methods of communication and responses to retailer’s attempts to commercialise and appropriately market. This focus on Generation Z developed a knowledge regarding their experiences and the needs of specific communities within the generation.