Katie Hodgetts

Katie Hodgetts

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020


Polished Up Pattern

‘For me print and pattern shouldn’t be limited for use just within the fashion and textile industry’

Polished Up Pattern explores a personal journey combining my love for both pattern and beauty. The project has been treated as an entrepreneurial and career focused brief for myself, drawing on the knowledge gained of pattern composition to continue a passion of working in the beauty industry.

This a creative opportunity enabled me to develop a range of surface pattern designs, to showcase diverse artistic skills within in a beauty salon setting. These distinctive designs intended to be applied to a variety of areas within the business, including furnishings inside a new salon environment, branding/promotional content and nail art designs. Already a personal ‘unique selling point’ of the business is the skill to be able to successfully adapt and apply pattern designs to the much smaller surface size of a nail plate.

With a combination of client feedback and trend research key words were identified and extracted, including ‘Power Flower’, ‘Dense Doodles’, ‘Hyper Nature’, ‘Terrazzo Collage’ and ‘Artistic Abstracts’. These key words were used to keep the project driving forward as a reference and to gain inspiration for motif generation predominately through collage and CAD manipulation.