Katie Felton

Katie Felton

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




22 years after the term “Customer Relationship Management” was coined, retailers are adopting CRM in mass for the first time - pursuing direct relationships with their most engaged consumers.
The 'ME UNIQUE' App was created to overcome the overwhelming difficulties of encountering inconvenient & uninformed beauty purchases online
The ME UNIQUE concept was developed after key dissertation findings highlighted how Customer Relationship Management is imperative to a business pursuing direct relationships with consumers through the creation of personalised, convenient purchasing journeys and experiences. A growth mainly driven by greater investment in digital marketing and customer experience – CRM thrives through loyal consumer-ship, personalisation and digitally tailored technology. Additionally, research found the increase in impatient consumer demand, with 77% of consumers craving instancy and the ‘right product first time’.

Following the conclusions contrived and appropriate recommendations made, these were all refined and developed into a digitally, convenient experience. ME UNIQUE was created. An engaging, tailored beauty App that brings browsing convenience and personalisation to the consumers fingertips. The service will transform the way consumers interact with their beauty browsing and purchasing journey online, with the aim of fulfilling the demanding needs of impatient beauty consumers.

The concept was designed to create personalisation, reliability and accuracy when purchasing new beauty products from a range on brands online using advanced colour-matching technology currently only available in bricks and mortar. The largest video displays dissertation findings and CRM quotes which are influential to the digitally advanced concept. Consumer activity, brand strategies for personalisation and modern social technology was researched and created into a developed Business Plan and Marketing booklet as part of my Final Major Project displayed in the bottom right video. This enabled me to demonstrate analytical, networking, action planning and justification of ideas skills needed to work within Digital Marketing and Management, and support my aspiration to work in this area of the retail industry.

“CRM is gaining momentum as the central hub for everything a brand knows about its customers, with beauty technology presenting its next opportunity to revolutionise the everyday routine of customers - ramping personalisation, accuracy and increasing value”


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