Katie Elizabeth Louise Langridge

Katie Elizabeth Louise Langridge

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2018


So I'm Not Model Material... I'm Still Perfect

Child Beauty pageants, are they a bit of fun, or is making children doubt their self image?

All about the pageantry but with the imperfections included as what could be percieved as perfect.

Child beauty pageants have always been a major means for debate. My project explores how children are subjected to such unrealistic beauty standards at young ages and how it could affect their perceptions of perfect. From thinking bad of themselves to reaching for the makeup bag at such a young age, does the beauty of children really need to be discussed to a point that children are conscious of their appearance more so than living as a child having fun? For my final line up I took perceptions of what people deem as imperfect and make them into a something that people would see as beautiful.
Katie Elizabeth Louise Langridge