Kathryn Wright

Kathryn Wright

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


Katch Designs

Katch You on the Flip Side !

Katch Me in the Crowd !

Katch Designs focuses on the generations of social movements that have effected our current society.
Being inspired by influential moments in history, from equal rights to climate change, Katch strives to create awareness of the importance of fighting for serenity.

Katch collections are defined with statement prints, vibrant colour palettes and quality fabrics. Each collection narrates a story of the posed Katch tribe, fictional characters designed to represent a fraction of society who fight for change.

is an inspired collection that honours the legacy of a woman named Jewel Thais- Williams; a black, lesbian activist who founded the ‘Catch One Nightclub’ in 1973. Catch One was one of the first gay, black disco clubs in Los Angeles; opening during a time of racial and sexual discrimination. Jewel fought her whole life for what she believed in, being an activist for community and equality, she faced decades of backlash, but she was never defeated. Jewel is also known for becoming a beacon of hope during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s opening up the club as a safe haven to those in need of support and care. Jewel also fought for same sex marital rights and eventually, herself got married to her wife Ruth; together they built the Catch One legacy creating a safe space for anyone to come in, have fun and forget the struggles of the outside world for a while.

So, following Jewel’s legacy, I re-created the club as my own: ‘The Katch Disco Club' and designed a six-character tribe of people with different backgrounds and personalities, as a group of friends who would attend the Katch Club. Imagery was collected from the documentary ‘Jewel’s Catch One’ and the influence of artist Jenny Holzer for her activist neon typography artwork, which inspired my silhouettes and detail. I designed beer mats to create the branded element to the collection which then inspired my print.

The title ‘Katch You on The Flip Side!’ stands for the idea of a vinyl record having two sides - like beer mats - and also like people; some have two sides to themselves that they feel they must hide from the world. So, this collection aims to reflect on Jewel’s belief in equality for all, and that it is the soul of liberty.

is a ready-to-wear collection inspired by the movements of the 1967 Vietnam anti-war protests and the current Extinction Rebellion: climate emergency protests. The 60’s flower power era was a time in history that promoted world peace and is now reflected in the fight to save planet earth.
The Katch tribe go on protest to fight for a peaceful, sustainable and equal future. Where they are known to love and party at the 'Katch Disco' on the night, they now fight for positive change for their people in the daylight.
Kathryn Wright