Katherine Frampton

Katherine Frampton

Katherine Frampton

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021


A Three Ring Government

Individual Practice

For my Individual Practice project I have collaborated with Birmingham based circus company, CircusMASH who are creating a short film about how the struggles of lockdown have impacted the youth who are planning their career choices. The film focuses on how the Government have treated the arts sector during the Covid-19 pandemic, suggesting that people in these careers should retrain in other job sectors. The film highlights the importance of mental health and why it is important for the arts sector to survive.

I have designed and made one outfit for the ring master of the circus, played by aerialist Lydia White. Her role mainly includes acting with a small amount of circus performance. I have been asked to provide a costume that represents this , including a bodysuit in which she can be flexible in as well as a jacket with a detachable cape in the colour purple.

I have also collaborated with photographer Sam Ip, a Graphic Design student who enjoys photography in his spare time. Sam has taken final photos of my costume in a circus environment, which he can include in his own portfolio.