Kate Elizabeth Mayhook

Kate Elizabeth Mayhook

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



A BA (hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate looking to secure a role in the trend forecasting sector to study market conditions and consumers buying behaviours. I am passionate about tracking shifts in colour and styles, but also analysing market data and socio-economic factors. Throughout my studies I have gained many transferable skills in which I can apply to employment. During my research journey for my Independent Major Project and Trend Forecasting module, I was constantly investigating future fashion trends and consumer behaviours to find the appropriate cause and respectable consumer.

Curated Cultivation unveils the forced and deliberate placement of plants in order to achieve a sense of minimalistic living. Plants are all natural and native, however this is undermined to facilitate an artificial outlook on plants where they are a slave to make something aesthetically pleasing. There is so a revelation of a requirement for individuals and groups of people to use the beneficial attributes of plants to pursue a point of understanding form others.

Curated Cultivation was established through the corresponding link of the terms; to pull together and promotion of growth, thus meaning the concept of deliberate placement of living plants. The trend would be illustrated through the trickle up theory where it would start by the everyday individual and it would gradually increase to the higher population.

Curated Cultivation inspires the use of texture and shape to create dresses full of frills and layers. The appreciation of plants is taken into consideration to develop key shapes and prints to emphasise the simplicity that plants protrude.
A luxury bricks and mortar boutique called NUDE, offering neutral tones and colours for a simplistic minimal look for everyday wear. The store will begin with a limited range with a variety of shades and eco-friendly fabrics, bringing in gender neutral and unisex aspects for all customers to make them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. The main ethos of the store is to empower individuals into finding their correct fit in order to make them feel more body positive. Find Your Fit, Not Your Size.

Instead of using sizing (S, M, L etc), NUDE eradicates sizes and creates the perfect fit for your body. By being specifically measured, the items chosen will be created for your optimum fit, exclusive to you only. There will be no sizing illustrated on the clothing tags but instead the customers name and year.

The store will use a 3D scanning software system in which it will measure your correct fit
in-store. Once measured you will be put on the system and can update your measurements as and when you visit the store.

The store will further offer laser cutting and alterations to provide the correct fit for the customer in order for them to receive the best experience. For example, if the
customer wanted more length or shape OR if they want an addition, feature or print to be incorporated that can be issued.