Karla Smallman

Karla Smallman

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Final Major Project : karladuocosmetics

Fashion Business and Promotion

FMP: karladuocosmetics

Currently finishing a degree in BA: hons fashion business and promotion, along with working for Missguided in Selfridges. Design and marketing within the beauty sector is my designated career path.

For Final Major Project I created " karla duo cosmetics" which is a customisation, compact cosmetics brand which would begin as an online retailer. The concept behind the brand is for consumers to take customisation into their own hands by having the ability to create make-up products that are right for them and their lifestyle. The product is designed to be compact for the consumer that leads a busy lifestyle. From having a custom make-up product, this allows customers to select the make-up products that they would like as their compact. The packaging of the product would be in a pen like form that would contain the two make-up products. From being designed this way, this allows the product to display the two in one form along with being compact and light. This design also makes it easy for customers to create their products with a clickable insert feature, along with this enabling a refillable option when a product runs out. The packaging is part of the movement to reduce plastic and would be sourced from natural materials along with offering to be recyclable when the compact products run out.

A 12 month timeline of strategies consisting of marketing material, a website, product launches, store mock-ups, product samples and collaborations were created, along with a business and financial plan. This is followed by a conclusion for the brands next steps a year on wards from its launch consisting of further marketing material and the view to going into stores.

BA (hons) Fashion Business and Promotion has provided me with a range of skills and knowledge of which I can apply going forward to future career sectors.
The course has given me the scope to want to push working within the beauty industry further with my FMP and extensive research on the cosmetics market for my dissertation demonstrating my ability to bring innovative ideas to this sector, along with industry insights and creative skills.