Julia Bykowska

Julia Bykowska

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Julia Bykowska

With a primary interest in social media marketing and the phenomenon of influencers, future career goals lie with securing a social media role within the fashion industry, with a primary focus on influencer promotion, and a specific focus on organic promotions and brand-consumer relationships. A brand that I would like to work for in the future, is one that would take the effects influencer marketing may have on consumers into consideration.

Major project research has revealed that false and edited influencer marketing can have serious and harmful effects on consumers. My goal is to work for, or one day create a brand that utilises the influencer marketing tool organically, with trusted and appropriate influencers and with a primary focus on consumer wellbeing and brand image. Due to my high level of awareness and interest in everything social media, my spare time is filled with running various social media accounts including a fashion styling and a university profile. The personal interest in social media led to an in-depth exploration of the effects and outcomes of influencer marketing throughout the major project. Detailed research then also fed into the ideation stage of my final major project and the final outcome of a consumer wellness app.

Dissertation | “How are fashion influencers impacting gen z consumers and the fast fashion industry?”

“The seamless relationship between brands, influencers, and consumers is now almost crucial to brand success”
The primary focus: Exploring the role of influencers in social media marketing, the impact on the fashion promotion industry that they have had, and deconstructing influencer’ impacts on consumer purchase decisions within the fast fashion industry.
The project depicted the significance of social media platforms and the way they can be used by brands to engage gen z consumers, as well as impacts that the growth of social media marketing is having on consumers, with a focus on topics such as mental health, social standards and relationships.

Final Major Project | Hello Health App
Following on from the Major Project research, it was clear that the overexposure to social media and influencers is setting unrealistic standards for today’s consumers. The final major project looked into mental health, virtual sanctuaries and wellness throughout the research stage. Research showed that the wellness and nutrition sector is in constant growth and will develop in upcoming years due to heightened stress and anxiety levels within many consumer groups.
The life duality of physical and digital creates tensions for consumers to navigate, and now shapes their consumerism. Further research suggests that today’s consumers have an increasing interest in wellness and organic health which implies that there is a market for wellness products and services. (LSN,2020)
This project was a theoretical business concept motivated by detailed trend research, of a new nutrition app, combining mental and physical health into one easily accessible space. The app, developed in collaboration with Hello Fresh, has a main usp of innovative AI technologies to provide a more technologically innovative and multi-sensory service and was created to redefine convenient personal nutrition.