Josie Beevers

Josie Beevers

Josie Beevers

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Constructed Textiles

Lagom - Not too Much, Not too Little

Driven by an appreciation of Scandinavian design aesthetic, this project explores elements such as pure, simplistic and beautiful, creating enticing textural surfaces to form a range of textiles suitable for interior environments.

It is easy to forget how valuable textiles are on a daily basis. The Swedish saying, ‘Vackrare Vardagsvara’, meaning, something beautiful for every day, can be seen as a basic principle of Scandinavian design.

Colour and material inspiration is drawn from the outdoor environments of Norway and Sweden, where pure form and functionality is embraced in all aspects of life.
By using a combination of weaving processes and finishing techniques, a range of hard and soft textile surfaces have been explored. Wool, being one of the most diverse and durable natural fibres has been used predominantly, along with other synthetic materials, in an effort to stop an audience, to touch, think and engage in stimulating textures and illustrate how exciting textiles can be when you engage with your senses.
Josie Beevers