Joshua Grice

Joshua Grice

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Idle.musings/Omni-


Fashion photography/Marketing
PROJECTS: Idle.musings/Omni-
A level-headed, creative thinker, that also has strong business attributes.
Having skill sets in both creative and business fields makes for an excellent pairing. Joshua has an instinctive appreciation and understanding of project end goals which allow him to create content and outcomes that are focused and tailored to industry requirements.

A service founded by Joshua, Idle.musings is a freelance photography and marketing agency, creating a variety of creative and business orientated content.
The next step in the venture, is a blog and vlog to capture the journey as it comes. Joshua aims to bring an element of slow journalism to his work, creating and capturing content that has background to it. Content that tells a story.

A social retailing platform that brings a true Omni-channel experience to the consumer, Omni- links the three fundamental aspects of retail, online, in-store and social media.
The concept derived from Joshua's own experience working in a fashion retail store and aims to ensure a better all round experience for the consumer. The next step is bringing this concept to life, and is being pursued and discussed with local app developers.

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