Josephine Goh

Josephine Goh

Josephine Goh

COURSE: Fashion 2018 Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Pathway: Design Menswear 2018



As we grow older we each experience changes, not only physical but also in our attitude and behaviour.

These become magnified into our later years as we grow old and frail and the sad reality is that our loved ones experience the worst of these changes. For many, its a case of not being quite as active as we once were or having to speak that little bit louder - for some though they’re far more concerning. Almost 10 million people each year are diagnosed with dementia, a hugely debilitating illness that manifests itself in many ways. Not causing upsetting memory loss, but also impacts our ability to do day-to-day tasks, concentrate on simple tasks or even mobility. Dementia is an illness I unfortunately know all too well having to face the harsh reality of watching a beloved family member slowly deteriorate from the person they once were. One escape for those unfortunate to suffer from this illness is in finding comfort in familiarity. This can be in that favourite item of clothing or the treasured family heirloom that triggers memories to come flooding back, even if for just a short period of time. Many others find comfort in creative arts therapy. Becoming fully submersed into a piece allows for the persistent troubles to disappear for a period of time, creating a sense of accomplishment and in some cases sparking a miraculous turnaround.