Jorja Thomas

Jorja Thomas

Jorja Thomas

COURSE: Foundation in Fashion and Textiles 2021


Signature Project

How to be a Proper Lady

The aim of this project is not in line with my title but quite the opposite. I explored the process of growing up in todays society as a young woman. I wanted to showcase the realities of entering a new stage of life and highlight the importance of fun romanticism in your lifestyle routine. Childhood touches everyone in life and is impossible to avoid yet, we all tend to loose aspects of yourself with it. With the help of this zine, I hoped to inspire readers to indulge in themselves and potentially discover new areas of themselves. I wanted to uplift readers and inspire them to live better; physically and mentally with the help of nostalgic childhood imagery.

This zine is intended to feel personal to each reader with the help of scrapbooking characteristics. This zine is aimed at young women, discussing the problems within society when growing into a woman.

Progression: BA Hons Fashion Branding & Communication