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BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University, graduated July 2019. Throughout the duration of my degree I have gained a range of invaluable skills which have allowed me to uniquely exhibit creative skills through the use of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, coupled with strong business acumen. I am interested in Marketing, PR and the business facets of the fashion industry.

• Final Major Project
Generated an innovative concept for a Boohoo bricks-and-mortar retail space through self-reflection on past work, industry research and trends. Creating a detailed business plan: with target market and competitor analysis; a cash-flow forecast; a financial and marketing plan, with accompanying mock-ups. Working to multiple deadlines and gained a deeper understanding of how businesses function. Furthermore, I organised meetings and collaborations with artists and industry experts, in which I practiced networking skills.

• Dissertation
Used various primary and secondary research techniques to create a comprehensive and independent exploration into “how genuine fashion brands are in increasing their diversity in their advertising campaigns, and how this has an effect on how millennials interact with the brand.” Using Adobe to create a polished and professional document. I analysed reports and data from Mintel, WGSN, LSN etc. as well as refining my written communication skills.

• Visual merchandising
Collaborated with Selfridges in their ‘Radical Luxury’ investigation and looked into developments within the retail sector, with particular focus on innovative visual communication methods and visual merchandising strategies. In groups we created a detailed retail report and a visual merchandising strategy. The retail report explored trend inspirations and implications such as industry key driver impacts and consequences; key retail consumers and demographic characteristics; overview of product range and brands that will be included with in the visual merchandising concept; and an overview of our Selfridges retail strategy. The retail strategy was visualised through the use of computer aided design such as Sketch Up. Taking into consideration the in-store concept, window design and marketing materials. My group were selected to go forward and present our visual merchandising proposal to Selfridges’ Birmingham head office.

• Buying and merchandising
I analysed consumer demands and market trends in the UK womenswear market, working in conjunction with the high street retailer AllSaints. I conduct initial research in the form of a competitive shop for both AllSaints and two of their competitors, comparing like for like to measure the retail landscape effectively and identify any future opportunities. From this research, I developed a creative package which visually communicated my final range plan, including CADs designs for six dresses created in Adobe Illustrator. In addition, the creative package included design and product development with consideration to sustainable fabric. Through supporting critical paths, I evidenced the progress of key deadline dates within the supply chain process, including when the products will be phased into store. Finally, I articulated my findings to support and justify my range through a professionally presented pitch.