Joe Atkinson

Joe Atkinson

COURSE: Fashion 2016 Graduate Fashion Week 2016

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2016

TITLE: Accidents Are Never To Seek

Accident: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
Celebrate your scars they are part of who you are.
Accidents Are Never To Seek is a Luxury women's wear collection. The Inspiration behind the collection came from an accident I had a few years ago where I broke my neck in two places. It was a traumatic experience and something I will never forget. Accidents are usually horrific events which are unplanned and unwanted. Unlike my accident the characters in the film Crash seek disaster and stage crashes for pleasure. Crash explores the paraphilia of symphorophilia. If someone has symphorophilia they are erotically turned on by accidents or catastrophes. In the film they celebrate their scars and injuries and they find them sexy and attractive. The collection takes influences from the film, my accident and also the recovery process, particularly when the body is injured beyond recovery and the bionics used within medicine. The embroidery was developed because of the 3D texture of the scars themselves, the shape was taken from my original neck x-rays.

In the film there are many shots of the characters touching and feeling different surfaces designed to arouse the viewer. This is mainly metal debris from the accident itself but also textured fabrics such as leather, suede and fur. I wanted to use these materials within my collection to reflect this but also for their protective qualities.

The collection is a celebration of life and injury with a sexy and fun feel.

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