Joanne Wilcox

Joanne Wilcox

Joanne Wilcox

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles

Distorted Rhythms

Specialising in embroidered textiles, mixing intricate machine stitch with details of hand stitch aswell as the mix of digital print with patterns created using photography.

Inspired by personal photography and the love of texture and use of colour.

Distorted Rhythms takes inspiration from the uncontrollable growth in nature and finding the rhythms within overgrown environments, focusing on the dramatic structures of tree roots and vines. Personal photography was the base of the project capturing the energy of how they wrap, connect and intertwine with each other. Extracting the tubing texture from the structures and manipulating its traits within expressive embroidery. The energetic rhythms within nature offer a comparison to the energetic style and playful colours of the 1980s, this combination will give the project an abstract twist. The 1980s mimics the busy rhythms that happen within nature.

The fashion swatches are designed for experimental womenswear intended to make a statement. They stand as a collection giving off a playful mood with the expressive colours.