Joanne Bowman

Joanne Bowman

Joanne Bowman



ELEVATE - Personal Virtual Wellbeing Mentors

Providing a service that maximises technologies positive potentials and encourages focus on health and wellbeing in order to shape the future way of working for the better

Birmingham City University graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion


Having over four years experience in various retail sectors including; health and beauty, homeware and fashion I have learnt to be able to adapt my skills to all situations and environments. In past Industry Placements I have been recognized as having strong interpersonal and communication skills and being confident with presenting research and findings. I am a hardworking and committed individual, which is evidenced, with my employment history. I am aspiring to secure employment in the management or marketing sectors, whether in a graduate scheme or permanent role, in which I can apply my various digital skills and creative flare too. I work well independently but also enjoy working as part of a team. A pathway that gives me the opportunity to progress would be an advantage as I am always enthusiastic to develop and enhance my skills.

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The dissertation ‘The Millennials Workplace’ explores as to how the modern workplace is being redefined and how the millennials’ generation is influencing this. As the millennials’ have begun entering the workforce over the last decade there has been identification of an on going shift in workplace culture. Being surrounded by instant gratification subsequent of technology there is an ambience of impatience and demand. It is becoming necessary that companies must “adjust to millennial work conditions” (Sinek, 2016).


The dissertation lead to the exploration of a new business idea in which provided the needed wellbeing strategy to combat workplace stress and anxiety for the millennials’.

The concept: Elevate is a downloadable operating system that gives employees access to their own personalised virtual wellbeing mentor that listens, understands, supports and advises. This service uses the combination of upcoming technology such as artificial intelligence, hyper realistic avatar design and voice tone recognition in order to improve workplace wellbeing by providing a unique meaningful experience for its users.

Why this business is needed: Over half of absences from work last year were down to mental health, indicating the impact mental wellbeing is having on the workplace (Mind, 2019). This business aims to bring greater awareness to mental health issues faced in the workplace; 9.7 million workers say their productivity is damaged by stress and anxiety. This could be significantly reduced if employees are able to get instant help with their problems using their mentor (Clarke, 2018).

A business plan, marketing and information pack, mentor demonstration video and website where created in collaboration with the assistance of industry professionals in order to support the concept.