Jingyi Liu

Jingyi Liu



Fashion Garden

Buying and Merchandising:
This project corporates with a local premium fashion brand, All saints. There were 6 different CADS designed into project, a buying plan for the girls jacket sector of the brand. In the fact, my CADS were justifications with the trend, which was occurring as my design inspiration. Besides, there were considerations about the weather, temperature, sales activities as well, for, support the conduct of the critical paths of six CADs launching period. In additional, learning and applying professional software to make design drawings has also been brought into the requirements of this paper.

How has social media influenced millennial consumers in fashion business and what is next?
This research aimed to investigate the next model of the development between social media and fashion, and the interaction and relationship between them, besides, some new social phenomenon, business models within problems are interested to analyze and discussed in dissertation. Especially for millennial, this paper collects thoughts, behaviors, social media and celebrities by means of questionnaire survey, and attempts to answer the following trends of how social media influences millennial customers in the fashion business, especially in Chinese market, through research and bibliographic information.

Final Major Project:
In Final Major Project, It includes business plan, website and poster. Because of the rapid development of the social media and E-commerce, the key opinion leaders (the internet millennium) are making bigger and bigger influence on the conception. The main concept of FMP is to set up a website in UK, the name is the fashion garden, which contains the private brand of the Chinese bloggers. The oversea Chinese bloggers followers can purchase products through this platform. Besides, the target customer group of the fashion garden is bloggers follower of the millennium.

I have gained well-knowledge in the fashion industry, abilities to forecast new trends of fashion, and to transform many of my thinking into concrete business strategies. Besides, in terms of writing papers and doing research, the college also taught me what is an important part of a research article, what is necessary and how to do the research. Besides, I still have a lot to work on and make progress. Continuous learning may be my next short-term plan, but it is equally important to combine what I have learned with the actual situation. In short, in the field of fashion business, I will continue to learn and improve myself in practice.