Jingyi Lin

Jingyi Lin

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: The inner world of Depression


Focus on people with depression
Looking at photographers who record their own life and how they lived during their depression, and developed my research from them.
This FMP Collection is A/W 2017. My concept is depression. These pictures show what they felt during that time: extreme sadness and extreme loneliness. In their minds, it is a different world from their real life – battling anxiety and demons. They couldn’t control their minds and self. They may self-mutilate themselves, like Laura Hopes and Van Gogh. They may want to hide themselves, like Edward Honaker and Martha Graham.
Design ideas came from the hand and arm movements of Laura Hopes, and the shape of hands clenching the skin. Body movement came from Christian Hopkins, and his inner feelings. Also get the feeling and idea with hiding self by Edward Honaker and developed the research that mix the body movement and hide their selves together to get the shape idea to my designs. From Edward Honaker, he destroyed him self and blur his self that don’t want to let others see him. Get this idea and feelings, developed my research to hide and destroyed them self by used painting.

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