Future Porter

Digital experience is future.

“In the future, the customer experience will surpass prices and products, becoming a key factor in the brand's ability to surpass other brands, and most of this experience is likely to be digital.” --Deloitte,2018

In the group work of Visual Merchandising, I take responsibility for the establishment of the Sketchup model. Through a group discussion, a series of fashion trend predictions were made. Technology is an ever-changing field that delivers innovation and inspiration to ordinary people worldwide. Combining technology with physical instore spaces is the future of retail, and that can be executed with the collaboration of technology market leaders and a physical space that can cater for the demands of technology”

I realized in my dissertation that people are accustomed to the emergence of new technology and look forward to a stronger impact in the sense of freshness. For example, it can be said that almost every enterprise that keeps pace with the times will have its own website. It is not only to show their products and services, to collect feedback from customers, but also to show their brand image. However, at present, various industries have received the impact of e-commerce. In order to make their digital platform to stand out in millions of websites, this requires the help of digital technology which will make online experience more interesting and vivid through its unique sound and picture display technology, friendly human-computer interaction, especially the application of virtual reality technology.

In the module of Final Major Project, I conducted market and customer analysis on the market strategy of “Future Porter”, then based on these, gave a series of promotion strategies. "Future Porters" is a virtual reality experience for VIP customers to shop on mobile application "Net-a-porter" and "Porter". It provides immersive and technical luxury shopping experience. Compare with online users, the VIP customer of Future Porter can get extra information about the product and accept exclusive fashion trend predictions and apparel recommendations.

I recently graduated in BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion from Birmingham City University. Trough this educational journey, I have learned a lot of professional skills and determined career development in the future. I am interested in creative design, video effects and virtual reality systems and keeping in-depth study of these courses is my plan for the coming year. To explore and acquire new skills according to my preferences, with the skills to create the world belongs to me, this is my goal.