Jiantong Zhang

Jiantong Zhang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Modern Clique


Is Emotionally. Is Speedy. Is Socially. Is Adventurous. Is Reasonable
Modern Clique focuses on creating, producing, and promoting merchandise. Using video storytelling method to introduce fashion brands for the Chinese market.
From my research, the recent China’s marketplace status of affordable brands has enormous potential to grow. However, it still need to undertake the risk of unaware reputation in China. This had inspired me to place emphasis on Chinese fashion marketplace and affordable brand (bridge brand). Hence, I created a company which is called Modern Clique in final major project module.

Modern Clique is an innovative business, where people can do shopping in Alibaba though the tag of the product placement video of our website.
For the client, it is a new promotion style which is different from the universal advertisement in the past. Using the interesting story to engage the customer, which just cost a little expense and gain abundant consumers. This will benefit clients who have a low income but wish to promote and increase their fame of brand in China.
For consumers, it is a brand-new online shopping and video platform. In order to buy the product, an interactive link will be placed in the video which will directly link with the Alibaba online shop. Therefore, the target client is some inconspicuous brand of Bridge brand.

Furthermore, the target consumer are millennials and gen Z. To contrast with other competitors the price of Modern Clique is more acceptable. Whereas Modern Clique is a brand-new business, it will be attractive to audiences with the creative shopping style and low cost.

Here is the business plan, advertisement of Modern Clique and Modern Clique mock website on showing.

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