COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018




"It is way more than a shop. If Selfridges was a person, it would be someone you were really pleased to see." - Artist Kate Daudy

Graduating from BA(Hons) in Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University, I have a genuine enthusiasm for the fashion industry, looking for an opportunity moving into a career being a digital creative specialist. Design exploration has built my sense of creativity. As a design professional, I am experienced in graphic communication, spatial experience and interaction design. Alongside in-depth industry knowledge and experiences, I have an awareness of the latest trends getting up to date with the market development and the change of consumer behaviour. This final project reflects my aspiration on pursuing a career in digital marketing.

The dissertation, "Influencer Marketing: the potential future and the fate", has explored the popularity of influencer marketing in the fashion retail industry, investigated its future growth and developed new ideas for fashion retailers to better integrate influencer marketing into their businesses. As the future would depend on authenticity, experience, and community-driven content, it is recommended to create a space for like-minded consumers to help retailers build organic consumer relationships, turning today's consumers to become tomorrow's co-creators.

Following the dissertation recommendations, this Final Major Project, "Shall We Talk?", is a proposed concept to develop Selfridges' mobile app, offering an authentic customer-led online community space and an engaging 'phygital' personal live-streaming shopping service, facilitating Selfridges' core mission "Everyone is Welcome".

As the UK department store industry increasingly loses relevance in the modern shopping environment, "Shall We Talk" would enable Selfridges to add a layer of socialisation to mobile shopping, turning regular consumers into an army of everyday influencers to generate in-the-moment and unedited experiences. It would also combine the concept of social retailing with instant-gratification shopping, integrating customers' online shopping journey with a physical retail space, transforming the dehumanised online shopping experience into a more personal and social event, and closing the gap between offline and online.