Jessica Wiseman

Jessica Wiseman




“An innovative movement obtaining to enlighten the significance of social wellbeing”

A recent graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, I have acquired significant knowledge and a variety of skills which supports opportunity for myself to apply within various career sectors, with particular focus upon a fashion buying occupation within the mid-market sector. A desire and interest for consumer behaviour articulated from my studies at university, with specific exploration into both buying and merchandising plus trend forecasting modules, contributing towards my eagerness to provide consumers with ranges they desire. My enthusiasm for consumer behavioural trends has tailored my final year outcomes, where significant research provided me with an inviable insight into the future of consumerism, enabling production of a justified and professional outcome for industry.

Extensive dissertation research was initially undertaken around the continuously changing demand of what consumerism means today and in the future, with particular exploration into Pine and Gilmore’s economic value theory highlighting the current and future global economic progression of experiences towards transformations. The research titled “How can the rise of the transformation economy be adapted within fashion retailer’s strategies to improve the way experiences are delivered to millennials” emerged suggestive findings, utilising primary and secondary resources, that the pace of the economy is initiated by early adopters, millennials, who seek to obtain experiences that offer self-actualisation.

Whilst the study concluded that emerging key markets including health and wellness plus education obtain improvement in wellbeing and personal growth, it is suggested that full evolution from experience to transformation will not occur until all business obtain to offer such experiences, including the fashion industry.

With reference towards the evolving transformation economy, exploration into current key drivers around scientific memories, wellbeing and emotion provided insight into the detrimental statistics surrounding university loneliness and the deficit of transformative experiences available to recover health, reminiscences and happiness. Present insufficiency of resources defined creation of a new innovative partnership with UK Universities entitled Peachy. The concept which proposes a new movement to enlighten a greater socially connected society utilises online and offline methods to ignite conversation, positive memories and wellbeing empowering connection, equality and health.

Evident through inviable primary and secondary research, Peachy proposes university women an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive safe space built upon attentiveness of the consumers offering the UK’s first university women exclusive connectivity app plus the opportunity to participate within events that seek to improve mental and physical health. The service provided encourages a new movement in enlightening the significance of social wellbeing to all individuals, with the aim to offer, support and aid university life.

A business plan, app with app user guide additionally to an event pack aided through visualisations created utilising SketchUp was obtained to portray the new business idea.