Jessica Skeen

Jessica Skeen

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


BA Fashion Branding and Communication

I am a creatively driven, artistic and self-motivated Fashion Branding and Communication graduate, with a particular flare for developing innovative, out of the box concepts and ideas, through research and analysis, and translating these into visual outcomes through a variety of creative mediums and the application of multi-media techniques. I am proficient in using Photoshop CC and InDesign CC programmes and have acquired skills in illustration, drawing, painting, photo retouching and editing and photography. As an ambitious individual, with a keen interest in branding and marketing, styling and creative direction, I am always seeking out ways to push myself further as a creative, and to gain new skills and experiences across a number of disciplines. My time at University has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to progress into the creative industry, with aspirations of becoming a creative director.

Independent Final Project – Anonymous Minds Zine

For my Independent Final Project, I produced a print magazine, called ‘Anonymous Minds’, which can be defined as an independently run magazine or ‘zine’, that is concentrated around topics regarding mental health and well-being. The primary aim of the publication was to create a platform for individuals to share their personal experiences with mental health, free of the taboos, prejudices and stigmas that have been associated with mental illness in the past. The editorial was made up of anonymous contributions from a range of individuals irrespective of gender, age, race or background. The final zine included interviews, personal accounts, poems, illustrations and emotive and thought-provoking imagery, touching on topics such as OCD, anxiety, depression, psychosis and social phobia. The project allowed me to develop upon my communication, and collaborative skills, overseeing and managing the project creatively, as well as organising both written and design contributions. Additionally, this project enabled me to further showcase my graphic design, artistic and illustrative skills, whilst also adding an element of creative diversity to my fashion branding and communication portfolio.

Major Project – Dissertation

The aim of my major project was to investigate in depth, through the application of relevant theory and research, how the cosmetics industry is responding to, and influencing, changing ideals of the masculine image. The body of research aimed to critically assess the growth of the men’s cosmetic market, whilst also reviewing current and upcoming trends within the makeup industry, in order to establish how
they are adapting to the continually shifting definitions of masculinity. The study also considered whether the men’s makeup market is successfully communicating the on-going shift toward more inclusivity, in what is traditionally considered a female sector of the market, in the application of new marketing strategies that reflect current and emerging attitudes toward gender diversity. The project also examined the potential impact of the cosmetics industry on traditional views of gender identity, as a non-binary consumer, whom is not wedded to traditional gender norms, has begun to emerge. The body of research was broken down into four sequential chapters that establish the research aims and objectives. Chapter one is concerned with defining the evolving definition of masculinity, chapter two explores the extent to which men’s cosmetic and grooming brands are responding to, and challenging, traditional ideals of masculinity, chapter three then establishes the growth of the men’s makeup market sector, and finally, chapter four aims to review attitudes toward the use of male cosmetics through the analysis of primary research. In conducting this study, I adopted a mixed method research approach, using a combination of semi-structured interviews and online surveys. This project allowed me to further establish my written abilities, as well as my analytical, sociological and research skills.