jessica Rayner

jessica Rayner
jessica Rayner

jessica Rayner

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Garment Technology 2021


Jessica Rayner Prettylittlething Collaboration

Prettylittlething sustainable collection

For my final major project, I decided to focus on creating a sustainable collection by showcasing the fast fashion brand Prettylittlething. This brand is well known for its unspeakable reputation regarding environmental issues and sustainability. I prove that it is possible to create fashion from sustainable fabrics and the use of ethical manufacturing and labour wefare.
During this project I am now proficient in a vast variety of technical skills such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and AccuMark, which is enabling me to produce a technical flat into a 3D product by minimizing my time and reducing productivity costs. This has allowed my work to portray both an understanding and a visual development producing an excellent high quality outcome.
One of my favourite skills is being able the grade a pattern and produce the same design in a variety of sizes reflecting the original garment.