Jessica Meades

Jessica Meades

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Whistles Business Plan

the brand encapsulates an intelligent sense of design through timeless and luxury pieces.
the concept of the online platform will bring a new shift to Whistles, channeling a path of opportunities for the future of the brand.
The concept idea is to create a new online digital platform for the Whistles brand, offering more than just an online store for consumers to browse and make purchases. The online platform hopes to inform and inspire consumers with ongoing updates about curent lifestyle trends such as; interiors and homeware, fitness, culture, art, music and fashion. This online concept will launch in January 2017, inline with the brands Spring/Summer 2017 collection that will also begin launch in January. Updates will be frequent and, as and when new trends are discovered.

The online platform has been developed in order for Whistles to offer something different and unique to their consumers in addition to the brands contemporary appael collections. The platform will provide consumers with a diverse range of interesing imagery and dialect surrounding current lifestyle topics and trends, Whistles collaborationsandblogupdates by the Whistles media team.

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