Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Marketing & Merchandising

Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons) Graduate pursing roles in Marketing and Merchandising.

After completing three years of Fashion Business and Promotion, I have decided to pursue a future in Marketing or Merchandising. My university career provided the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of these careers, cultivating creative and analytical skills that will aid my progression into industry.

Independent Final Project
d_celerate – a curated online marketplace of everyday items designed to last, focusing on quality, sustainability, timelessness, and longevity; providing an outlet to purchase, but also highlighting the importance of slow consumption. This module allowed for the cohesive application of three years of knowledge and skills, but also collaboration with other creatives and industry professionals. A detailed business plan was developed to outline the concept from funding to marketing; informed by primary research and industry mentors. Moreover, visuals of different marketing tactics from the 12-month plan were created in collaboration with creative university students to showcase the concept.

Buying & Merchandising
Developed a range for S/S19 for George at ASDA that would appeal to their consumer. This required primary research and analysis of the consumer base and market to justify the proposed collection, which was created to align with the WGSN Trend ‘In Touch’. Inspiration was taken from both catwalks and the streets to inform the designs. Six CADs were developed with Adobe Illustrator for the final range, with critical paths and lead times outlined for each.

Marketing & PR
Conceptualised and developed a marketing and PR strategy for the cause of Male Mental Health; considering how to reach the target demographic, raise awareness of the issue, and tackle the toxic masculinity that prevents men from seeking help. The project required detailed research, considerate planning/messaging, and the development of strong strategies and timelines.

Trend Forecasting
Utilising scanning and analysis of field and desk research to identify key drivers and create my own trend based on the zeitgeist of the time. This research was then translated into a trend book – which utilised imagery and key words to provide an insight into the mood of the trend and allow for a colour palette and key shapes to be identified.