Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design for Performance 2020


Twisted Taleoring

Having the freedom to build a project from the ground up was both an exciting and overwhelming opportunity that pushed me to open my mind to create something different than what I had before.
The concept of this project stems from my passion for blending the unusual and unexpected, in this case, the whimsy and unrestrained telling of The Grimm Brothers fairy tales with the shapes and structure of tailoring, hence the title Twisted Taleoring. Choosing this well-known collection of stories led me to find the relatively unknown tale of Jorinda and Joringel; the story of a betrothed couple who get lost in a forest and are separated by the witch, who turns Jorinda into a nightingale.
The story’s exploration of nature and magic drew me in and allowed me to explore the journey that each character goes on in this fanciful tale. The two main characters in the story, Jorinda and Jorigel allowed me to explore and develop designs and garments for women's and men's wear, and to blend the aspects of each to create more interesting designs and stronger characters. The images above represent a small section of my journey through this project showing initial research and some established designs
Jessica Henderson