Jessica Edwards

Jessica Edwards



Social Corporate Rating

“73% of Millennials and Generation Z wish to see businesses be measured by more than their financial performance.”

BA(Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate at Birmingham City University. Aspiring for a career within marketing and creative direction I have utilised my passion for researching and creating consumer-driven content by offering adaptability and innovation to the industry. This course has directed my creative and academic skills towards a fashion context, exploring extensive subject topics such as: Buying and Merchandising, Trends Forecasting, Marketing and PR, Events Management, International Retailing and Visual Merchandising.


‘To explore how political disruption will affect the development of future business models in relation to the evolving values of Generation Z’

The dissertation has enabled me to explore my passion for research through interpreting current affairs and the affect they have upon the economy, businesses and consumer behaviour. In an economy where political, economic, social and technological fluctuations all play a vital role in effecting the industry, this research highlighted the responsibility of businesses to deliver trust and transparency to customers in the wake of political upheaval. The introduction of measurements beyond financial motives fuelled my interest into new found social values represented by Generation Z and Millennials. With consumers setting the president for success and failure in the industry I was eager to tailor my research specialism to the future customer.

Final Major Project

As societal values shift from financial to social motives, young professionals are demanding total transparency from businesses. In a market where authenticity and trust dominate, consumers reveal their pursuit of seeking work that matters with ‘purpose’ posing to be the biggest job incentive in 2019. Adopting a consumer orientated approach for the Final Major Project, my research acted upon implementing new measures of success for the future business market. With concerns centred upon the working environment my project focused on creating a social scoring app for corporate businesses. With Millennials and Generation Z making up almost half of the working population by 2020, it was important for the business to launch in the recruitment sector exploring the evolution of working values within the younger generation.

This module solidified my entrepreneurial skills through the manifestation of a viable launch and execution strategy for my prospective business. SCOR will launch as a new venture for the largest professional network in the market, LinkedIn. The platform will provide exclusive access to social information about a company’s culture aiding prospective employees through their recruitment decisions. The service will offer a competitive advantage to contributing businesses through the promotion of their social status.