Jessica Cooper

Jessica Cooper

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Final Major Project

Esprimiti, meaning express yourself in Italian is a look-book dedicated to body positivity

For my final major project I artistically directed and styled three different photo shoots. The chosen pictures from each shoot flow cohesively to produce a look book, surrounding the subject of body positivity. I created a look book due to being inspired by the look book “gilesolvekatie” , A book containing the collaborations of Katie Grand , Giles Deacon & Solve Sunsbo. The front image on the book was a model with her face covered and body exposed. I took inspiration from said picture and put my own spin on it. The blurred cover image represents the distorted expectations of our bodies within society. The first shoot was a 'flaws' shoot. Each model expressed what they considered to be a flaw for example; natural hair , freckles , uneven skin tone. Instead of hiding their 'flaws' they modelled them confidently, defying the negativity imposed upon by society. The second shoot had a less meaningful concept, the focus was on the clothing which was minimalistic. The third shoot was inspired by the late artist and fashion designer Stephen Sprouse. In particular his collection for Louis Vuitton which featured graffiti typography across the clothing and accessories. Graffiti often carries negative connotations which was interesting to see graffiti across Louis Vuitton merchandise that was sold for thousands of pounds. I decided to write positive words and phrases across the models bodies. These were almost an answer to insecurities they had felt posed on them.